Today, I had a spare 1.5 hours so I hopped on my bike and went for a blast of a ride. I was going to make the most of the time I had so I pushed hard right off the bat, ducking into a slippery Time Trial position on the flats and doing my best to scamper up the climbs. It was a beautiful day, lots of sun, and, except for the steepest hills, it was not too hot.

I finished my ride in about an 1:13, and 25 miles; I averaged 20.4 mph! It was not the fastest I have ever gone but it was up there among the fastest solo rides I’ve ever ridden! And I managed to reach 54.6 mph down one of the steep hills! (I doubt that I actually went that fast, Strava makes some unrealistic claims sometimes, but it was fast.) I found one fun downhill which was fast and I ended up sandwiched between two cars going just as fast as they were which is always fun!

Here are some screen shots from Strava (follow me for all my rides: Craig Calhoun):



Fast Paced Summer

Following my pervious post, I will tell you about what I have been doing this summer and how my extra minutes have been spent.

Big things first:
I have been working two jobs this summer, which is an undefined amount more than I ever have before since working for my family doesn’t count as a real job! My first job, that I started right after my first semester at Middlebury ended, is as a Sales Associate at Jcrew.

I originally just grabbed this job as a backup job incase I did not get a more exciting and challenging job but as the summer has progressed, I have learned a lot and realized that it is kind-of fun to help people make their lives better and brighter through stylish, comfortable clothes. I always pay attention to what I am wearing because looking successful always helps being successful.

My second job is as a counselor at a kids camps with focuses on building with legos and robotics. The camps are held at the school that I went to preschool and kindergarten and the teacher in charge of the camps (my boss), was my teacher when I was attending. It is an amazing experience to work with kids as they are being creative and learning skills that will help them for their whole lives. Legos are a toy that checks all the boxes for what kids want as far as fun and learning so having a camp based on them is truly awesome.

I am also taking Calculus 2 at the University of Vermont this summer. I had mono during the semester at Middlebury so I dropped out of this class. I am taking it over the summer so that I do not feel like I lost a class during my first semester. The class meets two hours every week day and there are a few hours of homework beyond that. It really takes up a lot of my days but it is worth it and I never feel like I have wasted a day as I head to bed. It also has the plus of keeping my brain working all summer long so I won’t be in shock when I get back into full-blast mode at school!

Beyond those three things, my time is filled by a few activities:
Cycling: I always try to ride as much as possible, both mountain biking and road, because I really love it and it is great exercise. I race my mountain bike nearly every Wednesday night despite having to rush out of class to make it to the start line. These races guarantee that I get a good, hard, and fun workout every week no matter how busy I am.
Other exercise: If I do not have time to bike, I always try to get as much exercise as possible throughout my busy weeks. I do a lot of body weight strength exercises for quick, efficient workouts.
Heart time: I always try to spend some quality time with my family when I am home and with my girlfriend whenever I can. Going back to my lifestyle of spending every moment doing something worthwhile and beneficial, those heart times keep up relationships that are very important to mental health and an awesome life!

I do more than just the things listed here but I will save those for another post.

(A photo from before class chomping a Cliff Bar, those things keep me alive!)


Every Minute

I’m back on my blog after a long time away and it’s all because of a new lifestyle I am trying to bring to my own life. This new lifestyle, if it works, will bring me success in life and help me have a better attitude while getting to my stretch goals. Changing my everyday ways to this idea will probably be the hardest thing I have ever done but, with a little luck, it will pay off in the end.

The whole idea behind this lifestyle is to always be doing something that will bring me closer to my goals, with never a moment wasted when it could be used for good. For example, if my goal is to make money, I have to focus my energy on things that will either make money or bring me closer to opportunities where I make money. If my goal is to perform well in some athletic event, I have to have every move I make go towards making myself stronger in that discipline.

Efficiency and focus are the name of the game and from those, success will come.

When I am working hard and very busy, I am happiest. I have a great attitude and I become more and more effective in what I am doing; I waste less and less time. At some points I think about how tired I am and how I would like to have time to watch TV and relax but then, at the end of the day, I am much happier when I am accomplishing goals and getting things done!

If I can continue this intense lifestyle for years to come, I will be very happy and satisfied with the years that have passed. It will be hard but I am up for the challenge!


Deborah Rawson Memorial Library Photography Exhibit

I was offered the opportunity to show some of my photos at the Deborah Rawson Memorial Library in Jericho, VT for the month of January! I chose eighteen of my favorite photos that I have taken over the past year and framed them to be hung in the library. If you have the chance, please head over to the library; my photos look amazing hanging throughout the library.

Since these eighteen photos are printed and framed I am offering them for sale! If you like what you see, keep it as your own after the exhibit is taken down at the end of the month. Even if you cannot go to the library you can purchase one of the eighteen and I could ship it to you. Photos with frames are $55 and shipping would be extra based on the location.



IMG_9890 - Version 3
IMG_9476 - Version 2
IMG_9187 - Version 2
IMG_8856 - Version 3
IMG_8550 - Version 3
IMG_8426 - Version 2
IMG_8029 - Version 2
IMG_7787 - Version 2
IMG_7665 - Version 2
IMG_7630 - Version 2
IMG_3348 - Version 2
IMG_2497 - Version 2
IMG_1870 - Version 2
IMG_0960 - Version 2-1
IMG_0745 - Version 3
IMG_0626 - Version 2

Lighting Up An Awesome Race

On Wednesday I raced at the regular Wednesday night mountain bike race as I usually do and I had the honor of having my mom and girlfriend Marina cheer for me and support me. I was feeling good and my bike is one point right now with new brake pads and fresh rubber so I started hard at the front. I had a great start and a great race over all even though I slowly got picked off by some of the fastest riders in the state. I rode super hard and had a lot of fun!

Marina is a photographer like me, we often go on photography adventures, and she snapped some great photos of me and the scenery surrounding the race. The light was very special after the race as the sun started to set, everything was glowing orange! With light like that it is always awesome but tricky to take good photos and Marina got some amazing shots.


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