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Perspective: GoPro

Perspective, and the differences between them, is a very interesting topic of thought. It is fascinating to think about how different people can see things in very different ways. It is important to me to think about as many different possible perspectives before I say or do something decisive in order to be as least offensive, or as interesting, as possible for my audience.

Since a personal perspective comes from the unique experiences and thought processes that a person has, it is impossible to imagine every possibility. With that in mind though, in an edgy situation, any effort that is put into considering different possibilities is appreciated at one level or another.

With the idea of perspective constantly rolling around in me head, I am fascinated by my new GoPro camera and all of the unique perspectives that I am able to enjoy through it! I recently purchased the new GoPro Hero 4: Session and I have been putting it through it’s paces over the last few weeks. I will give you a longer post in a few months once I am an expert in all of the features and abilities of the GoPro but for now I will tell you this: I am thoroughly enjoying using this amazingly light, small, capable, and versatile camera to take amazing photos and videos.

I have been able to take incredible photos and videos right out of the box and now that I am learning the way to amazing shots, I am enjoying it more and more. I am currently working on a video for a recent vacation off the grid in Maine with my girlfriend, Marina, which will really show off the abilities and versatility of my GoPro! I’ll send that along once it’s done but for now, here’s a photo from the driving range the day I got my GoPro. (be sure the check out the GoPro photos in my previous post as well) (I am usually more prepared when I play golf!)


Live on Thrills

I am always pushing myself to a high limit. I use the accomplishments of people around me to push me harder. I take every moment and ask myself how to best reach my goals with that moment.

Over the last few weeks, when one of my main goals was to have fun, I would ask myself how to have as much fun as possible in that moment. More often than not, I found myself enjoying fast thrills such as jet skiing, driving, waterskiing, biking, boating, and more. These activities allow me to push my comfort zone in a relatively safe way while getting amazing adrenaline rushes and fulfilling my need for speed. I call those activities speed thrill activities: they are thrilling by way of awesome speed and acceleration.

I need one speed thrill activity every day to be truly happy. It is as if I have an addiction that I have to feed to be able to function. It may seem like all addictions are bad but this is a good example of one that is easy to fulfill (at least for now) and not harming anyone! I always love the feel of railing a smooth berm on my mountain bike, accelerating down an entrance ramp in the car, or whipping a jet ski as hard as I can.

As far as driving goes, I have some exciting news to share soon! (stay tuned!)

Here is a few photos taken with my GoPro on the jet ski!



Fuel Happiness

As most people know, exercise is good for ones health. It keeps muscles fit, joints turning smoothly, air flowing smoothly, fat in check, and much more. Exercise though, is not something that most people enjoy. I often see people struggling down the road in their running shoes, or dripping sweat in the gym and I do not understand the looks of misery on their faces.

I have always enjoyed exercise and I have never thought of it as a chore. I have never dreaded getting out there to get my blood flowing.

I always find ways to have fun pushing my body. I love to bike during the summer, ski during the winter, and I have many activities with which I fill in the time between those including hiking, running, swimming, kayaking, and golf (does that count?). From those activities I have found the joy in strength workouts, especially Redcord strength (I will blog about that soon). I try to do something every day, ranging from a few sets of pushups to full-day, epic adventures.

I have learned that a direct connection is present between the amount of exercise I get and how happy I am. If I miss a few days of exercise, I am more likely to get grumpy, angry, and upset and I am less likely to enjoy the little things that make life special. It is as if I fuel my happiness as I burn fuel and keep my body in shape.

When I am consistent with my exercise level I find that I have a greater ability to work with people, to focus, to sleep well, to maintain high energy levels throughout the day, and more positive side effects. My exercise habits are a win-win situation since I like the act of getting exercise since I have found activities that I love, and I like the positive effects I feel from regular exercise.

Top Tip for the day: Exercise is good for the body, the mind, and emotional health so find a form of exercise that you love and regularly take part in it.

Top Tip Number Two: If you can take part in your favorite forms of exercise with the people you love, you combine heart time with exercise time and everyone enjoys everything more!

Here are a few photos from a recent ride I took with my family and girlfriend:



A State of Mind

Being busy is normal for me. I am happiest when I am constantly going at full speed with school, work, projects, sports, or play. I do not like down time and I do not like not having a purpose in my actions. It takes a lot of energy but it pays off over and over again in happiness and accomplishments.

Being busy with lots of different activities means that I am always on the road going from one thing to the next. I drive all over Vermont and New England in my Subaru and I love it! I never turn down an opportunity just because of a drive.

When I slide into a car and set the wheels moving, I immediately feel a deep calm, safety, and pleasure which I have come to associate with cars and driving. I know a lot about how cars work which makes owning and driving a car much more fun. I have taken driving classes to increase my ability to avoid accidents and be safe on the roads. I have spent years researching cars online, watching car shows and reviews, and reading as much as I can about cars. Basically, when I am not focused on one of my activities I am thinking about cars. I love them!

My love of cars goes deeper than just loving cars. I focus on thinking about cars when I am stressed out as some kind of comfort and normality in an uncomfortable situation. I also focus on cars when I am trying to fall asleep at night. Thinking about cars has become a type of psychological safety blanket for me. Thinking about cars is a kind of meditative state that I can quickly enter if I need or want to.

I believe that everyone can benefit from having a mental state that has these relaxing and comforting effects that they can enter whenever they need. Even if it is as simple as a happy mental image or counting sheep, it could make a huge difference in a stressful situation. One thing that makes all the difference with developing a state of mind like this is practice: the more you practice entering and being in that relaxing and comfortable state of mind, the easier it will be to use when you really need it in a stressful situation.


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Today, I had a spare 1.5 hours so I hopped on my bike and went for a blast of a ride. I was going to make the most of the time I had so I pushed hard right off the bat, ducking into a slippery Time Trial position on the flats and doing my best to scamper up the climbs. It was a beautiful day, lots of sun, and, except for the steepest hills, it was not too hot.

I finished my ride in about an 1:13, and 25 miles; I averaged 20.4 mph! It was not the fastest I have ever gone but it was up there among the fastest solo rides I’ve ever ridden! And I managed to reach 54.6 mph down one of the steep hills! (I doubt that I actually went that fast, Strava makes some unrealistic claims sometimes, but it was fast.) I found one fun downhill which was fast and I ended up sandwiched between two cars going just as fast as they were which is always fun!

Here are some screen shots from Strava (follow me for all my rides: Craig Calhoun):