Spring and Sugaring!

Here are some photos that I took through out the spring as the sap was running and the buds were popping. The last snow storms were coming and melting. Fire was magically turning sap into gold. Mother’s day flowers adorned the kitchen table.

IMG_9014 - Version 2

Catamount Race

Recently I had to skip a Wednesday night mountain bike race at Catamount Outdoor Center because my energy stores and breathing ability were plagued with a nasty cold. After being in bed all day I ventured outside to take some pictures of the race and to get some much needed fresh air.

As I went in search of some good photo spots on the course I realized that I would be fighting swarms of man eating mosquitoes and receding light held back by the thick forest.

I found a few good spots and managed to take some good photos using the camera’s built in flash between jumping around to avoid the vicious bugs! Below are some of the best ones.

I have more and if you are trying to find a picture of yourself, contact me and I’ll send you more photos.



I spent the day in Boston recently and, on a beautiful New England day, I felt Boston waking up. From the icy cold depths of winter emerged energy, excitement, and Bostonian enthusiasm and strength.

The streets were teaming with people strolling at a leisurely pace that would normally rush from oasis of warmth to chalet of coziness. People taking time to talk and to watch. Roars echoing from the crowds surrounding street performers auditioning for a spot on the streets this summer. Street performers were everywhere and there were some awesome acts! Skaters down by the water were shredding and filming and having a great time. People and dogs were out enjoying the day as spring began to emerge around the city. It was a wonderful day and the city was glowing.

I had a great time behind the lens in the city looking for action, details, stories, and the grandness of the city of Boston.


Peeper Season

A few days ago I got inspired to shoot some video of spring beginning to bloom as I walked outside with Marina. We took turns taking videos of pretty much anything we saw and then I edited this video together. As you watch this video, think of watching photography instead of a video depicting an action. That way you will be expecting the art of photography instead of something captured on video. I am impressed with how it came out and I am inspired to do more experimenting with video!

Reflections (photographical)

With the spring weather and the melting of the ice and snow, comes a whole bunch of water. It collects in everything that can hold it: shovels, buckets, tubs, hot tubs, ponds, decks, everything. On a sunny day last week I was wandering around looking at these collections of H2O and noticing how the light reflects off the water displaying images of the surrounding landscape in a distorted, modern-art yet natural way.

Here are some of the pictures that I took as I reflected upon the reflections as well as a very cool picture that the very talented Marina Porl took in the car mirror as I was driving. I love how the sunset is mirrored in the shiny clean car with all of the amazing colors. That picture really tells a story with the sun setting behind us, a day done, and a new one starting ahead.

I like how in a lot of these reflection pictures it takes some close examination to find what is water and what is real. It almost bends my mind looking at some of them.


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